O.S acoustics

Taking you closer to the performance

High Fidelity Drivers – Advanced materials that are ultra rigid and lightweight.

Ceramic coated magnesium is a high-performance material, used extensively in the aerospace and defence industries. Magnesium is the lightest of all pure metals and has excellent vibrational damping characteristics. When treated with a ceramic coat it becomes incredibly rigid. These excellent acoustical properties also make it an attractive material for tweeters. This lightweight sandwich-construction gives a very precise, natural and transparent sound that is wonderfully open and detailed, and not at all fatiguing. Using a low crossover point helps reveal a distinct and wide stereo image.
A high-quality aluminium cone has also been employed for low-frequency duties. Long linear excursion provides deep, powerful bass. The phase plug reduces sound colouration and protects from thermal distortion. Another advantage is the reduced diaphragm weight which, when combined with large magnets, gives excellent transient response for a bass that packs plenty of punch, with very low distortion.

Finite Element Analysis – Modelling and optimisation of cabinet & bracing.

Carefully modelled in world-renowned Comsol software, achieving significant improvements to the reduction of unwanted cabinet resonances. Front to back bracing has eliminated much of the front baffle vibrations, while also helping to break up internal standing waves. O.S Acoustics elegant, long curving front baffle doesn’t just give a contemporary look, it also helps reduce diffraction distortion. All this attention to detail combined, results in far less colouration, revealing greater micro dynamics. All our cabinets are made here in the UK and hand-finished in a durable black oak veneer.


Powerful DSP – Linear phase precision filters for exceptional time domain performance.

A modern DSP approach has several advantages, perhaps most noteworthy is the fact we can calibrate each speaker so that it is almost a carbon copy of our master DB7, such tight tolerances greatly improves the stereo imaging capability. DSP also offers the selection of 8 onboard presets. A powerful Linear Phase FIR filter has also been implemented, almost completely eliminating the total system phase error. Most drivers and crossover filters introduce a phase shift, that manifest as group delay, meaning different frequencies are delayed by differing amounts, smearing the arrival time of a signal at the listening position. Our FIR filter technology compensates these timing errors, delivering a constant group delay, restoring the shape and timing of the original waveform. The impulse response is notably improved, sharply bringing back into focus a deep, three-dimensional soundstage that you will want to reach out and touch. Taking you closer to the performance…

Ultra Audiophile Amplifiers – Offering the best measurable class-D specifications.

O.S Acoustics studio monitors are built around the T-Pro2 class-D amplifier module by market leading manufacturer Pascal. Advanced UMAC™ technology delivers unequalled sonic performance that is clean, dynamic, open and articulate. Incredible power reserves and high damping factor ensures fast, tight bass transients. UREC™ universal mains technology with PFC ensures compatibility with local supply voltages, consistent, reliable operation and protection from EM interference.