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The DBS8
Taking you closer to the performance

  “A listening result that can only be described as sensational! Spectral balance and temporal accuracy at this level are really only reserved for a few speakers on the world market…

Fritz Fey – Studio Magazin’ 

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  “The level of detail in the DBS8 is genuinely exceptional. The audibility of reverb tails is particularly striking. There is a satisfying sense of finesse and accuracy…

Phil Ward – Sound on Sound

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*** NEW *** DBS8 – 2-Way Active Studio Monitor, Sealed MTM:

The O.S Acoustics DBS8 is an ultra-high-definition reference studio monitor, with minimal frequency or time-domain distortions. Meticulously designed to obtain the best possible performance from exotic materials and best-in-class components. The DBS8 has all the hallmarks of the DB7, then takes things to the next level. The result is an effortless performance where the speaker melts away to reveal an impressive sound stage with an exceptional level of realism.

Key Features:

• Extremely linear frequency response
• Exceptional impulse time response
• Time-coherent FIR phase correction filter
• Very low thermal distortion, vastly improving dynamics
• Large, high-fidelity ceramic coated magnesium tweeter
• Dual aluminium LF drive units
• Powerful, ultra audiophile class-D amplification
• Vanishingly low THD distortion
• Low crossover point for improved imaging
• Advanced DSP, dual-voiced with 8 presets
• FEM optimised, heavy 25mm sealed cabinet with 30mm baffle.
• Energy Star and ErP power saving compliant with Wake On Music
• Universal Mains with Power Factor Correction
• High quality 24-bit 96kHz Cirrus Logic AD/DA converters
• Individually calibrated and hand tested

The design philosophy for the DBS8 was to look beyond traditional frequency response graphs, using a multi-disciplined approach to reduce distortion during all aspects of the design process. The result is a studio monitor with impeccable transient response, tonal balance and phase coherence, able to faithfully recreate the feeling and emotion of the recording with an extraordinary level of detail and clarity.

The DBS8 benefits from a large 28mm tweeter, built using the same ceramic coated magnesium material as our other tweeters, operating as a piston to maintain harmonic purity. The larger tweeter has an extended frequency response, higher power handling and lower THD, intermodulation and thermal distortions. Powered by a 150W RMS amplifier with plenty of headroom, capable of delivering fast and accurate transients without distortion.

The DBS8 uses a sealed cabinet design that enables a very fast transient bass response, with a faster decay time than ported or bass reflex systems. The DBS8 cabinet is constructed with heavy-duty 25 mm walls and has an extra thick 30 mm front baffle. A complex latticework of bracing sits inside to reduce vibration distortion and standing waves. The entire design has been produced using leading Finite Element Analysis software, which is usually reserved for designing wind turbines and ship propellers.

The onboard DSP module offers a selection of 8 presets. Choose from on-axis flat or voiced, which considers more of the off-axis power response. Each preset has the option to enable or disable the FIR phase correction filter. Finally, there is also a room boundary correction option offering more control when placing the monitor close to reflective surfaces such as walls. This counteracts the effects of boundary reinforcements in the low frequencies.

The class-D T-Pro2 amplifier module offers unequalled audiophile specifications, incredible power reserves and high damping factor ensuring fast, tight control of dynamics and bass transients. Configured to comply with ErP (1275/2008/EC) and Energy Star directives, using less than 0.5 watts in standby mode. Intelligent Standby Signal Processing in the DSP initiates standby mode when no signal has been detected for a period of 15 minutes. When activated the amplifier power consumption is typically reduced to 0.2 watts. The amplifier automatically exits standby mode as soon as a signal is redetected, typically waking up in 660 milliseconds without audible pops and clicks inherent in other designs.

Take your monitoring experience to completely new levels and get much closer to the performance with the O.S Acoustics DBS8.

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Uncorrected Impulse Response

Impulse Response with Phase Correction


DBS8 Frequency Response

DBS8 Phase Response

Frequency Response

35 Hz – 21.5 kHz (±2 dB > 50Hz)

Performance Consistency

Matched to within 0.5 dB

Design Principle

Sealed Cabinet MTM


1.1” Ceramic Coated Magnesium


2 x 6.5” Aluminium


2.1 kHz

Phase Tolerances

± 15° (200 Hz – 20 kHz)

THD (90 dB SPL at 1m)

Less than 1% (75 Hz – 20 kHz)


105 dB

Dimensions (HxWxD)

502 x 222 x 437 mm


15.8 kg


Class-D UMAC™ with ultra low distortion


500W + 150W (RMS)

Signal To Noise-Ratio

>120 dB (A-weighted, 20 Hz – 20 kHz)

THD+N (Typical use)

<0.05 % (3 dB below rated power)

Power Supply

UREC™ Universal mains switch mode with Power Factor Correction

Operation Voltage

Universal Mains, 85-265V, IEC

Standby Signal Processing

Energy Star and ErP compliant

Digital Conversion

24-bit, 96 kHz Cirrus Logic

Analogue Input

Balanced XLR

DSP Presets