O.S acoustics

Taking you closer to the performance

O.S Acoustics was officially established in 2015 by company founder Tom Osborne, following a 20-year career working in the professional audio industry. O.S Acoustics was the natural progression from personal research and experimentation with loudspeaker design, building on the experience gained from working with sound reproduction systems from a variety of different manufacturers.

O.S Acoustics has been the continuation and advancement of this loudspeaker development work, with initial support coming from Southampton and Bournemouth Universities, later engaging with specialists in the field such as Christien Ellis (Independent loudspeaker, drive-unit and system design consultant) for advanced FEA (Finite Element Analysis) acoustic modelling.

A considerable amount of time has been invested in assessing and measuring other professional loudspeakers. After trialling many different drive-units by measurement and considered listening tests, we had the perfect recipe of specifications required for critical monitoring applications. Drive-units with powerful magnets and lightweight moving parts showed to follow the musical signal from the amplifier much more closely, showing impressive dynamics and transient accuracy.

  Every single speaker we make is individually calibrated in the DSP so that they measure almost identically. We learnt that not all drive-units are created equal. Even the highest quality drive-units vary slightly in their performance, by using DSP we can correct these response errors. It is essential that loudspeakers have a frequency response as closely matched as possible for best stereo imaging. Correcting the inherent time smearing problems suffered by most other speakers is possible by implementing Linear Phase mode, further improving spatial accuracy and imaging coherency.

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