O.S acoustics

The DBS8
Taking you closer to the performance

the first few moments, it was clear that the DB7, even without its time‐domain normalisation, is a fine monitor that falls firmly into the ‘Must Hear’ category…”

“As a Mastering Engineer, it’s about really focusing on whats going on in the midrange, the DB7s are really good for that…”


O.S Acoustics are a specialist speaker manufacturer based on the south coast of England.
We design and build linear phase active studio monitors, manufactured to the highest standards and hand-finished by master craftsmen.
O.S Acoustics loudspeakers take you closer to the performance than ever before. Using a combination of the best that class-D amplification has to offer, drive-units composed of advanced materials that are stiff, yet light, with optimised cone geometry and powerful DSP, correcting the inherent time smearing and group delay artefacts suffered by other designs. The result is a genuinely world-class reference studio monitor. Each performance is recreated with extraordinary detail and realism, presenting a distinct and coherent soundstage you can reach out and touch.