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OS Acoustics DB7 Studio Monitors chosen to record and mix ITVs The Voice

OS Acoustics DB7 Studio Monitors were recently chosen by Kevin Duff – Sound Supervisor for ITVs The Voice. Kevin has two BAFTAs under his belt, along with an RTS Sound award and now a third nomination for The Voice (ITV Studios)

“The first thing that struck me was the image and tonality, the DB7 is very un-fatiguing which when working 10-12 hour days is vital. Bottom-end drive and energy is tight and accurate, the top end detail is supported fully by a very smooth mid-range response. I loved them and they have not been switched off since. They are now installed in my mix room and they won’t be going anywhere”

The show was recorded in October 2017 in the main control room at Dock 10 MediaCity. “The Studio is massive” explains Kevin “Tom from OS Acoustics was even able to build me a bespoke preset adding some low-end to compensate the size of the room, it was a big ask but the result was a wonderful sounding speaker”